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October 2018 CEO Brief

October 2018 CEO Brief


Featuring Baiju C. Gohil, MD, FACS,
President & Medical Director of Robotic Hair Restoration of Long Island

Baiju C. Gohil, MD, FACS is the President & Medical Director of Robotic Hair Restoration of Long Island and HIA-LI 23rd Annual Business Achievement Awards Finalist in the category of Rookie of the Year.

Baiju C. Gohil, Robotic Hair Restoration of Long Island

Baiju C. Gohil, MD, FACS, President & Medical Director of Robotic Hair Restoration of Long Island

Tell us about how you/your company started.

I have utilized the most progressive surgical methods and equipment in performing technically demanding surgery in a virtually scarless fashion throughout my career. With the introduction of the ARTAS Robot, my practice became focused solely on providing the most advanced hair restoration procedures available. I realized that Long Island was the ideal place to establish a dedicated hair restoration practice. It was an untapped market without any other center solely dedicated to advanced hair restoration techniques. We at Robotic Hair Restoration of Long Island (RHRLI) also have access to a veteran staff. Our Director of Patient Education has over 15 years experience in the field of hair restoration, and happens to be a hair transplant patient himself. In addition to this, we were able to establish relationships with some of the finest and most seasoned hair transplant technicians in the field.

What was a turning point for you/your company?

The turning point can be attributed to a number of things. We receive an increasing number of word-of-mouth referrals from very happy patients. Lead generation through various marketing campaigns and via our website and social media activity has also increased our patient flow dramatically. There is also an increasing consumer awareness of minimally invasive surgical techniques and the use of robotics in hair transplantation. We are currently one of the busiest robotic hair transplant centers in the country, and as a result, the ARTAS manufacturer, Restoration Robotics, has designated us a teaching center for robotic hair transplantation for other physicians and technicians who can learn from our refined surgical techniques.

What is your philosophy at Robotic Hair Restoration of Long Island?

Our philosophy is to educate our clients about all the options available to them when considering a hair transplant procedure with complete transparency. We also want to give them the pros and cons associated with the procedures, and then help them make an informed decision. Unlike most hair restoration centers, RHRLI is a boutique surgical practice where we perform only one procedure a day. In this way, 100% of our entire team’s focus is on the patient throughout the whole procedure. I am with the patient the entire day. We are also in constant communication with our patients before, during, and most importantly, after their procedure. Our clients greatly appreciate the privacy and high level of care they receive from our team.  is is what creates the outstanding results we are accustomed to seeing with our clientele.

Tell us about your company’s profile today.

Today, RHRLI is one of the leading users of the ARTAS Robot in the United States. The manufacturer of the ARTAS Robot has classified us a “Platinum Account,” which is the highest level achievable. We provide ongoing training opportunities at our Jericho surgical facility for U.S. based and international physicians who recently became ARTAS Robot owners. These training sessions are extremely well-received, not only by the visiting physician and their staff, but by members of the Restoration Robotics team who participate as well. We look forward to continue being a valuable resource for training new doctors and their staff.

What opportunities do you see in the future?

As the consumer becomes more aware of the ARTAS Robot and what it has to offer, the demand for this type of procedure, as compared to the traditional strip method, will continue to grow. Hair transplantation has increased dramatically over the past 5 years, especially interest in the more advanced and minimally invasive options available now. Not only does the ARTAS Robot eliminate the stitches and linear scar associated with the traditional strip procedure of hair transplantation, but we believe this industry will continue to expand as all aesthetic markets are. We at RHRLI are poised and well-positioned to be a resource to our community as the awareness and demand rises for more aesthetically desirable and minimally invasive hair transplant procedures.

For more information about our advanced hair restoration services and the ARTAS Robot, please visit our website at, or call our Jericho office Monday through Friday during regular business hours at (516) 605-1545. Thank you.

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