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CEO Spotlight Featuring John Robertson

CEO Spotlight Featuring John Robertson

John Robertson

CEO & Owner

The Sexy Salad Catering Company


Tell us about how you/your company started.

When I was a young teen working in the local Deli in East Northport, I knew my destiny was to have a community place of my own. I spent the next 25 years getting ready working at various posts in the industry. The Sexy Salad began in 2003 serving Breakfast, lunch, and Catering to the local Business Community

What was a turning point for you/your company? 

We have been growing since our inception in 2003 though listening, watching and learning. Our largest turning point was when I had the opportunity to attend the prestigious Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program and recieve a “mini MBA”. This was the final tool after 39 years experience, and 14 years in business that would take us to becoming a true leader in the industry.

What is your philosophy at The Sexy Salad?

We began 15 years ago with our mission which is “to serve the community with excellent food, in a quick manner, at a fair price”. We believe that we play an important role in the community and it is our responsibility to fill this role to our best ability. Lately our mission statement has been unofficially shortened to be thought of as “To serve the Community”. Our role is to serve the community in any way that will produce the greatest positive impact.

Tell us about your companies profile today.

The Sexy Salad is the go to Caterer for Corporate drop off service in the Hauppauge and surrounding areas. Our ability to see the vision of our future stems from our desire to be the first thought for our trusted partners. Our desire to serve the community is engrossed throughout our facility located in the center of the HIP. We have been described as the forward thinking caterer that sees solutions as the opportunity to grow and thrive. We love to share our story of growth from 1,400 square feet and 2 employees to where we are today with 5,100 square feet and 25 employees. This story is chock full of altruism, and centers around our original philosophy of serving the community.

What opportunities do you see in the future? 

The Sexy Salad has been embracing exponential rapid change. Our services have become, and will continue to become more diversified as the communities wants and needs become greater. In the fall we will be addressing the needs of the largest growing segment of the food industry by opening Hauppauges first Vegetarian restaurant and will be known as “Veggieside”. Veggieside will have the largest selection of vegetarian and Vegan menu items locally available for breakfast, lunch, and catering customers.

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