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An Interview with Gregory P. Demetriou CEO of Lorraine Gregory Communications

An Interview with Gregory P. Demetriou CEO of Lorraine Gregory Communications

Gregory P. Demetriou

About Gregory P. Demetriou

With over 25 years of marketing and business development experience, Greg is a nationally published author on marketing and business topics, an invited columnist and an industry expert resource to media. He has presented marketing seminars to businesses and organizations. He has built Lorraine Gregory Communications to help small and middle market companies consolidate their marketing efforts across all platforms. Guiding a unique combination of staff experts allows him to ensure that messages reach each segment of the audience. Incorporating professional skills at every turn makes sure each effort is coordinated, comprehensive and effective.

Greg has been an Association of Fund Raising Professionals – Long Island Chapter member for almost 20 years, was named the Outstanding Fund Raising Volunteer of 2008 and recently served on their Board of Directors. He has received the 2013 Outstanding CEO award from Long Island Business News and the company has been recognized multiple times including most recently named business of the year for 2013 by both the HIA-LI and the Melville Chamber of Commerce. Greg is the father of six grown children, has four grandchildren and one great granddaughter. He lives in East Northport with Lorraine, his wife, and partner.

Tell us how you started.

The corporation was started out of necessity. It was 1992 and I was searching for a job, which was proving next to impossible. Lorraine, my wife, and I pooled what money we had and formed the corporation to purchase a small store front business in Bethpage… Some of you readers may remember it – Bi-County Mailing.

What was a turning point for your company?

Lightning struck us in 1994. The US Postal Service instituted a work sharing system that allowed for significant discounts in postage provided certain steps were taken before mailings were entered in the postal system. This was a fantastic win-win for the company and for our customers. We could actually produce completed mailings that in effect were paid for by the postage savings. I call that period the time of the ‘no sell – sell’. This fostered long term growth in revenue and profits which allowed LGC to be born and transformed into a marketing and communications agency working with some of the regions top companies.

What is your philosophy at Lorraine Gregory Communications?

We recently went through an exhaustive rebranding process during which we had to identify exactly what was at the core of LGC. At the top of the list is that we are helpers. What that means is that we are at our best when we partner with clients and help find the best solutions and most important steps to achieve success. As helpers, we are not looking for cookie cutter fixes but in-depth concrete solutions aimed at the highest possible results. Because we have the professional staff under our roof it allows us to engage that ‘helper’ mindset in a very streamlined way.

Tell us about your company’s profile today.

Lorraine Gregory Communications is a full-service agency providing comprehensive, professional services that enable clients to navigate the traditional and digital marketing worlds. Representing over 700 businesses and nonprofits, LGC has developed a unique mix of in-house experts that ensures coordinated, effective and efficient messaging across all available platforms. With a staff of 52 housed in its Farmingdale headquarters, LGC can address customer needs from strategy, planning, graphic design, printing, campaign production and physical execution.

What opportunities do you see in the future?

Having grown into a middle market company has opened many doors and presented exciting opportunities. We have always been focused on growth and have a fully vetted business growth plan that I developed with the help of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses initiative in 2012. The plan contains our future roadmap into new markets, new technologies and new client-centric services. One such effort is a recent acquisition that has added the ability to translate client data in dramatic and powerful images using Variable Print Imagery. We believe that the future is what we make it.

For more information on Gregory P. Demetriou and Lorraine Gregory Communications, visit or call 888.624.5888.

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